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October 6, 2007/13.18

Due to a licensing mix-up with the US edition, we went on Zinio, then went off Zinio, and it was due to the New Zealand and Australian of?ces of this digital magazine delivery service that we had things sorted out for Lucire’s issue 23.
   Last week, we uploaded issue 24, which took a tad longer than the print one to get together as it has 16 extra pages. So for those of you overseas (mostly y’all Stateside) who want your dose of Lucire extended and you think the postage for the master edition is too much (we certainly do), then you can click here.
   I know it’s not as great as holding the magazine but it does ?t in to our environmentally friendly premise.
   The release is below.

Lucire launches biggest issue; Zinio customers get 180 pp. in ‘Publisher’s Cut’
New York and Wellington, October 3 (JY&A Media) Complementing the current “biggest issue ever” of Lucire is a special edition for US customers downloading from Zinio, the digital magazine delivery service (
    In association with Zinio’s Australian outpost, Only Digital, Lucire’s 24th retail print issue contains extended coverage, notably photography by Douglas Rimington and Camille Sanson. Zinio customers see a digital replica of the print edition, complete with turning pages, but with the additional content.
    ‘Sometimes, artistically you want more pages, but you’re limited by printing budgets,’ says publisher Jack Yan. ‘By creating an extra digital edition with 16 more pages, we’ve created a “Publisher’s Cut” where we can show off more of the photography that makes Lucire great.’
    Extra photography was inserted, notably, into Sylvia Giles’s investigation into imagery and age in fashion, where some of Mr Rimington’s images now run full-page. Additionally, Mr Yan’s interview with singer–songwriter Laural Barrett, the reigning Miss New Zealand, features an additional two pages by Ms Sanson.
    Other stories, such as the 9 pp. profile on young designers, Ride with the Devil’s Caleigh Cheung on pole dancing, a brief encounter with designer Tadashi Shoji, a special on new models, and shopping in Sydney with author Tara Moss are identical to the print edition’s.
    Mr Yan says he plans to continue special editions for the US market. The special edition is available via Zinio at at the same price as the print magazine, but without the postage from New Zealand.
    It is a year of internet-based “extras” from Lucire, which relaunched its reader forum and belatedly introduced a blog to its website this year.

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