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San Francisco Chronicle reports Miranda Kerr–Paris Hilton incident


November 29, 2007/12.11

Fascinating: after our post exposing the Miranda Kerr v. Paris Hilton incident at Victoria’s Secret to be false—or at least ridiculously inaccurate, with media outlets getting the year and the venue wrong—the Chronicle’s still reported it. It has taken the post down now, but not before Google News found it:

Paris Hilton fake news clip 

   Yes, we are feeling smug, but only because the error was so great that we can’t believe how it propagated. Even the source site,, is amazed, having A Current Affair contact it this week over two-year-old news.
   It stresses the importance for traditional media outlets to be careful. We’re not perfect ourselves, so it’s a lesson we need to take heed of, too.

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