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Behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week


February 12, 2008/4.18

Odds and ends from New York Fashion Week, prior to our big articles in print: ?rst, our own Ashleigh Berry was interviewed by Re?nery29, in its ‘Style & People’ section. Go Ash! She managed to get to the Karen Walker show—her must-see for the week, being a fellow New Zealander—and the nice folks at Re?nery29 interviewed her there. Kristina Foreman, who handles our beauty news in New York, took the photograph below—I think that’s now two with Ashleigh and Karen.

Lucire's Ashleigh Berry and Karen Walker

   We also caught up with Norwegian actress Natassia Malthe, who, according to our photographer Stephen Ciuccoli (who shot the photograph below) is about to feature in a TV pilot, Scarlet, directed by David Nutter (who brought us many X-Files episodes and has most recently done The Sarah Connor Chronicles). We understand Scarlet airs in April.

Natassia Malthe in Lucire

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