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Eva Mendes shows cheeky PETA campaign


December 7, 2007/0.19

Lucire 2007 | The global fashion magazineOn the Lucire site today: the glamorous and very curvy actress Eva Mendes stars in the new PETA ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ campaign.
   Lucire is known to many animal cruelty campaigners and to PETA for its continual support of their causes, so unlike some publications covering the story, we practise what the organization preaches ourselves in our daily lives.
   Unfortunately, being objective we sometimes feature fur in our catwalk reports, but we are always conscious of our own beliefs, so we try to balance it whenever possible with promotions for PETA.
   You can read our story online, or head over to the PETA blog where there’s a full Q&A with Eva.

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