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Model Sanctuary opens again at London Fashion Week


September 14, 2008/13.14

Erin O’Connor in the Model Sanctuary, London Fashion Week, spring–summer 2008

Erin O’Connor, Vice Chairman of London Fashion Week, opens the doors of the Model Sanctuary, for the third season running, to catwalk models working in the city. Located in a luxury and spacious three-bedroom suite of a central London hotel, models are able to relax, have access to free healthy food and drink, wi? and information on nutrition, Equity, eating disorders and, new this season, the model concierge service.
   This initiative was established by O’Connor in September 2007 and is supported by the British Fashion Council. Aimed at improving the quality of life for models whilst in London, it offers a central relaxation point for models to drop in during their busy schedule and have access to information while recharging between shows.
   ‘Fashion Week to a catwalk model is frantic. It is ?lled will castings, ?ttings and fashion shows, all happening at different locations throughout the city. Add into this that 80 per cent of the models working here aren’t London based, some ?ying in at the last minute,’ says O’Connor. ‘We offer a free, safe, relaxing place in a central location where you can ?nd out information on the city, meet like-minded people and, if required, have access to nutritionists and therapists—it is a sanctuary in the true sense of the word.’
   This season Ten UK will provide a telephone-based concierge service for models which will give information on taxis, restaurants and things to do while in London 24 hours a day in over 22 languages.
   The Model Sanctuary is just one of the steps to improve working conditions for models in London. In September 2007, the British Fashion Council introduced contracts with designers which stipulate that healthy food and drink must be provided backstage for all models and other workers at their fashion shows.

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