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The Lucire news page remains


September 1, 2009/13.33

We have decided to keep the ‘News’ page here on the Lucire site, rather than integrate it with ‘Insider’. It turns out that some of you do use it to get news headlines from around the web, and we can understand that it is helpful: it’s a convenient way to have a glance at what’s happening, and Lucire’s own headlines appear there, too.
   In the redesigned news page that débuts today, we’ve removed the Google News bar, which was superfluous, but have added our Twitter feed. There’s an extra link that takes people back to the ‘Insider’ section, in case new users do not know that our op–eds and extra news are stored here.
   We’ll continue to roll out the new look this week on to other pages, gradually. Note that old articles’ pages in the main part of the site will not change: as per our policy, these are to remain in their original form for those wanting to see how layouts looked at different times of the web’s history.

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