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February 19, 2010/23.21

Meet Antonia Marguerite, a San Francisco-bred designer who, upon meeting, will have you sweetly inspired just from her eclectic exterior. She describes her sartorial style as rock ’n’ roll meets “vintage junkie”, wearing high-waisted skinny jeans, an oversized top, and old costumed jewels draped on her neck. She hasn’t been on Project Runway (yet), but she’s already running her way to the red carpet. A true believer that hard work does pay off, Marguerite recently jetted off to Los Angeles to live in the land of the seen and be seen. What else was an aspiring Hollywood designer to do?
   Marguerite attended the Art Institute of California—San Francisco, dedicating time to develop her fashion style and technique. During her Bay Area experience, she participated in San Francisco Fashion Week, which allowed her to create mini collections as a local talent. After graduating art school in SF, she moved to LA to obtain her bachelor’s degree in fashion design.
   I was taken by Marguerite’s modesty when asked to talk about her most recent creations. She’s already dressed Katrina Graham from the TV series The Vampire Diaries, America’s Next Top Model’s Brittany Markert, and Ambre Lake from VH1’s hit show Rock of Love, just to name a few.
   Her designs reveal a skilled mind; every piece made is clearly the subject of a character inspired by Marguerite herself. The clothing is like reading your favourite book. In one wear your body inhales the vision and setting for the first chapter. With each step that you take, you become engrossed in the seams that turn page by page.
   Marguerite’s garments not only tell a story but take you into a fantasy world of whimsical stitches. I think it’s the way she uses the human body and how the design marries to her initial concept of capturing her clients’ needs. She takes the body and divides it into layers with fabric so that each layer has a unique æsthetic. Afterward, the fabric is cut and shaped, creating a piece to be remembered. The tale ends with you completely satisfied and immediately wanting the next edition.
   What are people wearing as they walk down the streets? Well, if they’re about to transform themselves into avant-garde splendour, in the streets of SF or LA, they could be wearing Antonia Marguerite.
   ‘Design-wise, I’m haute couture, dark rock royalty. Since, I can’t be a rock star, I want to dress them,’ says Marguerite. Although these garments aren’t for the ordinary person, anyone can order custom-made pieces.
   So, what’s next for this progressive designer? Maybe it’s the theatre or music videos but, for now, she’s focusing on her next collection and various editorial photo shoots. At the moment, Marguerite is working on a collection, which just might have you saying, ‘That’s Gaga worthy!’
   If you haven’t heard of Antonia Marguerite yet, I think that you absolutely will very soon. The only question is, from which media outlet?

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