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S. Pellegrino collaborates with Missoni on limited-edition bottle


September 9, 2010/23.17

S. Pellegrino by Missoni
S. Pellegrino by Missoni
If anyone can make water fashionable, leave it to the Italians.
   Italian Talents is the new project from S. Pellegrino, designed with the goal of creating synergies with Italian companies of international renown. They must operate within the upper bracket of the market and are known for their distinguishing taste, innovation, quality, design, service, and prestige, truly expressing the Italian culture and style.
   When choosing who would be the first company, S. Pellegrino chose Missoni, a family-run company that is uniquely Italian in every sense of the word.
   Chosen for its originality in design, taste for beauty, elegance and devotion to taking upon the challenge of new materials and technology, the S. Pellegrino bottle has been entrusted to Missoni to interpret and bring to life in a special-edition bottle.
   Launching just in time for New Zealand Fashion Week, the specially designed bottles feature the recognizable and well-loved Missoni zigzag motif, first created by founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. The bottles also feature a specially designed cover, again featuring the Missoni zigzag.
   The bottles are very limited and will be distributed in the finest restaurants here in New Zealand and internationally for only three months.—Sopheak Seng

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