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Why some of our videos might disappear


September 30, 2010/12.31

As of October 1, some of our archived videos on the Lucire website will disappear.
   For some years, we’ve hosted some of our videos on a site called Vox (, as I kept a personal blog there, too. There were some crossovers between the sites, and Vox had a pretty good policy on hosting content.
   However, that policy had been abused by everyone from Indian escort agencies to Russian sploggers. Vox itself proved to be unreliable in 2009: by the fourth quarter I was effectively locked out from it, and Vox’s own techs were unable to figure out why. Two of my friends had similar problems.
   So it was with no surprise that Six Apart, Vox’s owners, said it would kill the website—but they only gave us a few weeks to shift our content.
   The initial export to Typepad, also owned by Six Apart, was buggy, but their techs figured out the problems there—so at least a lot of my images and videos are preserved. I’m very grateful for that.
   Meanwhile, one of the export functions for videos that they had was to Flickr, but, as many of you know, Flickr limits videos to the first 90 seconds. As we have located a new host to carry our video content from October, I made the call to not export the content to Flickr. I could not be assured that the coding we used here would link properly to Flickr, anyway. (Some of the earlier Vox code had already failed to work for our oldest video entries here.) It would have taken a long time to recode all the affected pages.
   Therefore, if you spot blank spaces where there were once videos, it’s not your browser: it’s us and our decision.
   We’re hoping for a much longer relationship with our new video host, so that this issue will not recur. We hope that this change will not affect your enjoyment of our site too much, especially with future videos that we put up.

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