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Some like it Red Haute!


December 21, 2010/9.06

Red HauteRed Haute
Elizabeth Caruana
Red HauteLet’s face it. Everyone has their own formula for productivity. For many people, it’s caffeine to provide the needed and wanted kick-start in the morning, or it may even be visiting a quiet and serene place that’s comforting to get into the groove of working. However, for designer Alison Rutherfurd, it’s simply music the fuelling food for her soul, which provides the necessary nutrients to create whimsical and artistically beautiful accessories that brings contentment to all women of any age.
   Rutherfurd, designer of emerging label Red Haute Jewelry, produces one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces inspired not only by music, fashion trends, and travelling but also vintage brooches and natural, organic form. In many styles, she repurposes old jewellery into new accessories while recycling materials, creating eco-conscious pieces. ‘I like to think of my art and craft as the creation of wearable sculptures,’ Rutherfurd said.
   For Rutherfurd, the birth of her own accessories line wasn’t too far-fetched because she’s always loved fine art and using her hands to create. She worked at an art gallery, including the SF MoMA, and owned a design coaching company in the past. But, this Academy of Art University (graphic design) graduate wanted to pursue her hobby and take it a few steps further than her dining room table.
   In many of Rutherfurd’s designs, much like some of the music that influences her style, one may characterize it as a rebirth in exploring forms of light and shadow. There are earrings in the line that resemble abstract tree branches and items with materials made of ostrich and peacock feathers. There are also other pieces in the Red Haute collection like the Blue Chalcedony Bib or Multi-Gem Vintage Brooch necklaces that are eye-catching with clever usage of expressive intensity in delicate colours such as pale pink, blue, and purple. Other materials used throughout the collection are sterling silver, faceted semi-precious stones, 14 ct gold, gold vermeil, and vintage glass. Red Haute marries the concept of eco-friendly jewellery with modernized statement pieces and vintage fashion; everything is produced straight from the designer’s home studio.
   Rutherford utilizes her inspiration of people, arcane dance, and even ‘melancholic cello music’ as an essential aid in her design process. For example, her influence from classical great Antonio Vivaldi lends itself well in the Red Haute line. This is quite fitting because throughout Rutherfurd’s collection in various pieces, one can see the significance of the Baroque meaning, which is actually ‘misshapen pearl’.
   ‘I’d like to see my brand in art publications and in local boutiques throughout the nation,’ said the Red Haute designer. Certainly with inspirations like these she’s well on her way and has a collection behind her that embodies the charm found in fine art.
   This is a line that’s perfect for the art-loving or fashionable woman who wants to be positively recognized in jewellery that styles itself, even when wearing a simple wardrobe. It is also an accessories collection that is centred around creative expression and collaborative efforts. Rutherfurd participates in fashion shows and events with local talent to showcase her designs. In the future, she hopes to have a shared studio, in the form of a spacious warehouse, where artists, designers, photographers, and painters can be in one place to produce their own vision.
   ‘I also want to focus more on pulling in various charitable organizations into these events to give back to the community,’ Rutherfurd said.
   As a seasonal gift from the designer, she’s offering a free pair of earrings from the collection with every necklace purchase. This special gift to all customers will help the Art of Yoga Project, an organization that fosters effective change in teen girls within the juvenile justice system. All proceeds from orders will be donated to this great cause.
   For more information, or to order your own Red Haute original, visit—Tamara Madison
Red Haute
Red Haute

Henry Alfonso Navarro

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