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Blake Lively may be the young Carrie Bradshaw, but she’ll need to bring more


February 9, 2011/23.56

Blake Lively
Photo by Michael Simon/Startraks Photo; Haley Mevorach/PR Newswire

Above Blake Lively, at last year’s Swarovski Star at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Have you ever wondered how the famous Ms Bradshaw came to be known as Mrs Preston?
   What is sure to set Sex and the City fans talking is that Blake Lively is rumoured to star as Carrie Bradshaw in the prequel, The Carrie Diaries.
   Following the success of the television series and the two follow-up movies, is it any wonder that a prequel is on its way?
   We know that this Gossip Girl is more than willing and able to pull off the early arrival of Ms Bradshaw.
   For those of you who have not read The Carrie Diaries, I suggest you wait.
   I love the series and the films, but Candace Bushnell’s book, on how Carrie arrived at all those interesting relationship conclusions, is rather high school-based, and it seems that she has always had a Mr Big in her life.
   The prequel deals with Carrie’s insecurities as a teenager when it comes to beauty, love, relationships, friendships, and boys, of course.
   However, the very young Carrie does show her very own sense of style in the book—that’s one plus.
   What you get in the earlier version of a Carrie is a very young, confused girl, doing whatever she can to be noticed by that one person she wants. No change to the older version of Carrie, perhaps.
   What Carrie lovers want to know is how she started out as a writer. We get that she had her high school love drama like every other girl on the planet, but the book does not go into detail about her career. I have to wonder whether that’s Bushnell leaving room for a follow-up.
   Bushnell does mention Samantha Jones, perhaps the only interesting aspect of the book.
If this does go to the screens, I hope to see at least a better spin on the book by the screenwriters.
   Blake Lively has a remarkable resemblance to Sarah Jessica Parker, so that least that part works as far as the public’s concerned.
   Should this go to production, let us hope Lively can put her own spin on the character, and go beyond what I thought was a disappointing book.—Snjezana Bobič

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