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An enjoyable Kiwi street-style find


March 3, 2011/9.59

Street and City Photos

Street style is at its most popular on the internet, which features numerous blogs dedicated to this art form. It’s true that many of them are rubbish and only every now and again do you find a pearler.
   Street and City Photos is one of the decent finds, with photos taken in both Wellington and Auckland on Leica M8 and M2 cameras with a vintage Elmar lens. Wallace Chapman (best known for hosting TVNZ7’s Back Benches and a Lucire reader himself) has a real eye for picking out people on the street who add that extra something to their everyday outfits, be it bright blue nail polish or a modest confidence. Each picture makes you want to view more.
   It’s considered ‘New Zealand’s version of The Sartorialist’ by The Dominion Post, which I couldn’t agree with more. Only a select few pictures make it on to the website, making each picture that much better. It was nominated for the best contribution to the internet at the Wellington Awards 2010; it will be interesting to see what 2011 has in store.—Elle Hopper

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