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Celebrities donate to Japan to varying degrees


March 18, 2011/22.17

This is all well and good: ITN’s report about celebrities donating to organizations working with the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The Sandra Bullock report, we can understand, deserves applause, and Demi Lovato has done a good thing so early in her career: both are donating amounts from their own pockets. But is this the same Charlie Sheen who was still Tweeting about ‘winning’ and a police visit to his home while people were dying in Japan? Neither Sheen nor Lady Gaga are losing a penny considering their contributions have come from sales of tickets or products, though having a celebrity endorsement for is still a positive move, and the gesture should still be appreciated. It’s just not as big a sacrifice as forking out a million dollars from your own pocket, given their record-setting positions—let’s just hope that they have donated privately as well, and that the media simply don’t know of this.

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