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Lady Gaga cryptic about ‘Judas’; Paris Hilton calls lawsuit ‘ridiculous’


April 11, 2011/22.00

In celebrity news tonight, courtesy ITN: Lady Gaga is being very cryptic about her new single, ‘Judas’.
   Gaga’s single, to be released on April 19, has a religious theme, and she plays Mary Magdalene in the Bible-themed video.
   The video below has a clip from the singer’s YouTube channel, rehearsing for ‘Judas’, and a statement from her.
   Meanwhile, Paris Hilton responds to the Allianz lawsuit over insured jewellery, calling it ‘ridiculous’. In the video below, she claims that she never got the jewellery back after it was all pawned—though it’s hardly an official statement, given while walking the paparazzi gauntlet.

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5 thoughts on ‘Lady Gaga cryptic about ‘Judas’; Paris Hilton calls lawsuit ‘ridiculous’

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  5. Some are reporting Stefani Germanotta’s Holy Week antics as an attack on the church. To consider Lady Gaga’s latest Madonna-aping act an attack on the church, is like calling a toddler riding her tricycle into the Empire State Building a terrorist attack.

    I suggest that our response to little Miss Stefani should be to offer her a band-aid for her skinned knee while trying not to laugh.

    This is no attack on the church. It is just one more anxious cry by Miss Stefani to be the center of attention.

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