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From avant-garde to co-creation


March 21, 2011/3.57

We frequently come across labels at Lucire that we love, but haven’t had time to quiz the designers to give us more background. But, in the interests of giving readers sneak peeks as soon as possible, here are some which we feel deserve a mention.

Conchita Pérez: avant-garde
Conchita Pérez, based in London, has worked for Alexander McQueen, Boudicca and Hardy Amies. She has since set up on her own label, based in a boutique off Broadway Market in East London. Her third collection, Invisible Warriors, continues her hallmark of avant-garde fashion, and appeared at the Self Esteem Salon at London Fashion Week.
Conchita Pérez
Conchita Pérez
Conchita Pérez

Kinekt DesignKinekt Design: top gear
A ring made from gears, Kinekt Design‘s offering was a tip from a reader last year that we haven’t followed up on—but there is a certain fun, interactive appeal.

Blank Label: co-creation
We’ve heard of co-creation a lot, but has anyone actually done anything about it in fashion? Blank Label, based on the US east coast, encourages the consumer to be the designer: go to the website, and you can use the company’s app to create your own dress shirt. You can even put your own brand on it. As the company explains, ‘Our shirts come with a “blank label” (an empty rectangular label) on the inside of the collar, but you can opt to personally brand your dress shirt with your name on the label.’ Estimated time till you get your shirt: three weeks.
Blank Label

Alexandra Taylor: on the net
Alexandra TaylorA recent graduate of Parsons both in New York and Paris, Alexandra Taylor has set up her own label designing women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. Taylor aims to merge fashion and philanthropy, and has announced a line of printed scarves made in the US to advocate for the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing but Nets campaign.
   This campaign highlights the malaria epidemic. With each scarf, Alexandra Taylor Inc. will donate $10 to the campaign—the amount it costs to purchase an insecticide-treated net to send to developing nations. More information can be found at Taylor’s website.

Alexandra Taylor

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