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Land Rover demonstrates parking assist on Range Rover Evoque


April 1, 2011/12.18

This isn’t the first time someone has done a parking assist program for a car—Volkswagen–Audi’s one is very good—but the release of this video from Land Rover shows how serious the company is in marketing the new Range Rover Evoque as an ideal Sloane Ranger urban vehicle.

   It’s nice to see the technology ably demonstrated, and, even more to our liking is the gear selector, which shrinks down into the centre console in a Jaguar XF style. (Jaguar, of course, is Land Rover’s sister brand inside the Tata group.)
   The spot that the car chooses is 1·2 times its length, which does mean that more experienced drivers might find the feature little more than a novelty—though less experienced ones will find it beneficial.

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