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Billy parodies William and Kate, set on a council estate


April 21, 2011/13.24

To those of us of a certain generation, Billy was a musical based on the novel Billy Liar, starring Michael Crawford. But to this generation, it may well be this parody of the Royal Wedding shown below, answering a ‘What if?’
   In this case: what if Prince William and Kate Middleton lived on an east London housing estate?
   The only actor in the cast that looks reasonably close to the person being portrayed is the one playing HM the Queen, though since it’s for humour, pretty much anything can be forgiven.
   And coming in the wake of the US telemovie about the Royal Wedding, the fact that it’s less cheesy and intentionally inaccurate is a good thing.
   The other parody to hit the internet is an advertisement for T-Mobile, which UK readers of Lucire will have seen on this website.

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