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Wearable hyper-individuality: Serum Versus Venom


June 8, 2011/23.48

Serum Versus Venom
Serum Versus Venom

Brooklyn, New York-based designers Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) are back in action, celebrating their return with their spring–summer 2011 Invasionism menswear collection. Serum Versus VenomThere is a new focus and vision to expand their “street couture” æsthetic along with their consistent obsession with quality. Refreshed and full of inspiration and innovative ideas from searching the world, they feel like they have reached the point where they believe they ‘can offer something that is better than our previous best,’ in the words of founder David Gensler.
   SVSV aims for their customers to reach a state of “hyper individuality” through innovative yet relevant garments and objects finished to the highest quality and standards.
   The collection is a broad assembly of layered and highly textured pieces, styled to narrate the uniqueness of each garment through either its unusual textiles or the illusion of adjustable silhouettes. Ox-blood red and rich earthy tones of brown and olive green set against camouflage are prevalent, while the hand-crafted, antique tailoring shear pendants are something cool to look out for. The pendants, which come in a variety of gold, silver and brass, are part of a collaboration between David Gensler and Osamu Koyama.
   Hollywood favourite James Franco was recently photographed in Brooklyn for the début print issue of Pas un Autre magazine, wearing Serum Versus Venom.—Vicki Matias

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