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Escape with Kérastase for an unforgettable experience


August 10, 2011/10.45


As we prepare to head into the warmer months and all the numerous parties and social engagements that come with it, we want to look our very best. Our hair can often give all our hard work on appearances away though. Dry, damaged and poorly conditioned hair can ruin any look and coming out of the winter season is no exception. The elements of winter can often not be so kind on hair with heaters, air conditioning, rain and other extremities wreaking havoc on those lovely locks, leaving them lank, brittle and dry.
   There is a solution at hand for those of us who haven’t kept up the required maintenance or have foresaken that much needed TLC for the hair. With not much short of a miracle cure for that damaged hair, Kérastase has come to the rescue with its Kérastase Rituals.
   A Kérastase Ritual is the ultimate professional strength In-salon hair treatment personalized to your scalp and hair needs, providing optimum results and as well as an indulgent moment of relaxation.
   Prior to the treatment, a specially trained Kérastase expert will sit down with you and discuss treatment options with you. The pre-treatment consultation is thorough, going through what your individual hair needs are, how often you wash your hair, the products you use and even the styling tools that you use on your hair all aim to ensure that the treatment will be the most effective for your needs. On top of the analysis of hair habits, the expert also assess your hair and scalp with a magnifying camera in order to show you the condition of your hair and scalp. Following this process, a personally tailored treatment session is given.
   The effects of treatments can be felt instantaneously, leaving you with hair that is super-soft to the touch and in better condition then when you first entered the salon. Clients will leave not only feeling better, but with glossy, shiny, strengthened and visibly healthier hair as well.
   The treatment is blissfully relaxing and the perfect way to unwind and let your hair be pampered, washing away the damages of winter and preparing for a revitalized summer.
   While the ritual is designed to allow clients to escape and be pampered, it should not just be used as a band- aid. Regular treatments and general hair maintenance are the best way to keep hair healthy and strong but it is the occasional indulgence such as the Kérastase Ritual that serves both the hair and the soul well.
   Those wanting this indulgence in New Zealand can get it by heading to Kérastase’s website and get a voucher for the treatment.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion & Beauty Editor

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