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Nikol Davis: breaking the mode


October 4, 2011/18.30

Nikol Davis

Nikol DavisMightily standing on the threshold of stardom, San Francisco Bay Area native, Nikol Davis, sets a new tone in the modelling and runway world. Originally from San Ramon, Calif., and growing up with a TV-producing mother, Davis had an inkling of what the biz was all about, as she had early entrepreneurship aspirations in her youth. Her passion, tenacity, and approachable style have opened doors to an upbeat future.
   If you’re a keen pop-culture enthusiast, then you may recognize her face from the film produced by Chris Rock Productions and HBO Films, Good Hair. She also appeared in the infamous DEX commercial, Local Rhythms, and on networks like Style and NBC for aired fashion shows.
   ‘It was icing on the cake that everyone on set was pleasant. That’s definitely the most I’ve ever altered my look for a project,’ said Davis about working on the Chris Rock project. Davis doesn’t mind getting out of her comfort zone, and shifting gears to advance within her artistry. In an industry that’s constantly changing, flexibility is a useful quality to have.
   With one stylish heel in front of the other, Davis moves toward her model trance, an alluring and jaunty stride that embodies poise and blooming ethos. So, what’s her furtive ingredient to succeed? She believes the key to her success is based on always keeping her head in the game, not losing sight of her goals, and just being versatile!
   It all began with her first gig on a talk show, which lead to a serendipitous encounter with a fellow cast-mate at a fashion show. The outcome of doing that particular show was the defining moment when Davis knew she’d somehow be on the runway. Though her journey has been a swift learning experience, her balance with work and a rising career has been grounded by her family.
   Her portfolio has an undercurrent much of a fashion chameleon, ranging from editorial work to runway. Also proudly wearing a new business owner cap, she now co-owns a runway production company that focuses on raw talent and videography. This natural beauty plans to conquer fashion territory in a different way, already breaking the mode of what an average model aspires to do. Giving back to her community and taking part in charity projects such as the Upward Bound Project allows her to show youth that believing in yourself matters!
   ‘I love to see someone going for their dreams or standing up for what they believe in. This inspires me to dig deeper into myself when I feel discouraged,’ said Davis. She’s creating a new set of footprints to follow for the next generation of diverse talent, and all the while having a genuinely positive attitude on life.
   When speaking with Davis, her spirit is quite a reflection of why she’s rising so rapidly, cleverly selecting assignments that will prove her to be a one-of–a-kind role model in her own right. Here’s a woman who makes her list of goals, checks them off, and recruits fashion models of tomorrow. Clearly the soles of her choice are well-made and have given a stable footway in the right direction.
   In addition to several runway shows this month, you may check out Davis in the upcoming documentary, Demo. Whether on the silver screen or catwalk, it would absolutely be a good bet that we’ll be seeing more from her very soon.
   For more information visit:—Tamara Madison

Nikol Davis
Nikol Davis

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