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Seeing red


April 11, 2012/12.29

Though tennis legend Martina Navratilova was the first to depart this season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, many will agree she’s never looked more radiant. Marco Pelusi (above left, and below right) can be credited for the fancy footwork behind Martina’s golden tresses, as well as those of George Clooney’s squeeze Stacy Keibler, ’80s supermodel Carol Alt and Tracey Bregman.
   However, his real passion is transforming all of his clients—famous and otherwise—with Aloxxi Haircolor. The line, which has recently received an overhaul under new owner George Schaeffer (who transformed the manicure experience when he took control of OPI some years back), enables clients to discover their true hair colour “personality” with the help of a professional stylist. The Italian-made professional colour line brings the same kind of marketing genius to hair colour that OPI does through its whimsical, international colour themes, transforming the elimination of grey and mousy hues into something more sublime and personal.
   ‘The word relationship turns me on,’ says Pelusi as he transforms my lifeless, travel-weary locks into something “positano perfecto”. ‘I really believe in developing a relationship with the client. As a colourist, it is the key to developing a colour personality that is most accurate to the client’s personal style and daily grooming needs.’
   Though the book has some striking blondes and rich dark brunettes, all with evocative, Italianate names, red shades play a surprisingly strong role in the presentation. According to Pelusi, Schaeffer and his team did this on purpose, and it is a change that serves his own approach to colour well.
   ‘For many women, going too copper or too purple won’t work,’ Pelusi informs me, noting the copper that looked great on me at age 25 may not be so stunning at this point. ‘You can still be rich and vibrant, but it also needs to be soft, natural and full of shine. When you go to your colourist for a custom colour profile, it is important that your formula be customized to your individual type of hair. We are not just utilizing the Positano Perfecto, or 4RK, in your formula, but also integrating gold hues and neutrals to penetrate stubborn grey hairs and remedy other hair appearance issues that cannot be accomplished through just a single shade application.’
   To “espresso yourself” and find an Aloxxi colourist in your area, check out—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

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