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Trialling Viviscal as it gets more buzz in Hollywood


December 19, 2010/23.52

When the holidays arrive in Hollywood, you know the award-show season is not far behind. Along with the arrival of up-dos, a new crop of fragrances and glittery eye shadow, as well as red carpet-themed spa packages offered by top hotels, many women’s minds snap into self-improvement mode—and not just in terms of slimming down and staving off the effects of holiday treats. The months spanning Christmas and the Academy Awards require many professional women in Los Angeles and New York to look and feel their best because every party, happy hour and public gathering could somehow affect other events in the coming year.
   Though I have more or less kept my weight in check since an epic, mostly vegetarian trip through Rajasthan, India this summer, my focus has shifted to my hair and skin. Part of my anxiety does relate to my being over 40, even if fashion pundits are insisting 40 is the new 25, and we have role models like Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren and Halle Berry to inspire us to stay strong and look great doing it. Even with the mirror telling me I look darn good, frankly, at other points in the day, especially in the morning and mid-afternoon, I question those impressions. My current asymmetrical haircut may be hip, but honestly—even with my faithful use of quality hair vitamins, shampoos and conditioners—I know too well that it would look better if it was as thick and as resilient as it was during my metal chick salad days of the 1980s.
Viviscal   For this reason, when I was offered a chance to do a trial with Viviscal—perhaps the grande dame of hair regrowth–restructure vitamin supplements—I jumped right at it. Viviscal, made in Finland and fortified with all kinds of appealing sounding things (acerola cherry extract; AminoMarC marine complex), is certainly not new. I became aware of it about 10 years ago when an avid surfer friend discovered articles about it online when researching solutions for her curly, sun- and ocean-damaged locks. She heard rumours it was the European secret to getting the long, silky locks she coveted. While my penchant for yoga and hiking may not be as detrimental as sun exposure and salt water, it takes a lot more effort to get a good look. While I am not expecting Rapunzel’s mane, I am interested in seeing if replacing my quality hair vitamin with Viviscal will improve things.
   The name Viviscal is surfacing here in Hollywood, at least among the salon set, so the buzz is currently being set into motion. It is advanced by US television stalwart Finola Hughes (known for her past hosting duties on the US fashion makeover series How Do I Look? and rounds at daytime television’s General Hospital). When offered the opportunity to do a trial over several months, I thought now was as good a time as any to see for myself if the performance does live up to the promise. I will report back at the end of my trial to let you know if I have something a little closer to red-carpet-ready hair (or more realistically, less paranoia about mysterious bald spots).
   To perk up my skin, meanwhile, I will be trying out Miracle Skin Transformer, a multi-tasking make-up intended to accomplish anti-UVA–UVB skin protection, topical skin nutrition (with its mini-medicine chest of vitamins A, E, K and co-enzyme Q10) and the kind of visual skin-perfecting results promised by mineral-based foundations. In my opinion, the proverbial proof in the pudding will be how candid photos turn out. While the mirror reflection looks good with my current base, I still look rather pasty in the pictures. Again, everyday life and my business appointments will be the lab to test this product’s transformative promises—including transforming my skin in one use.
   For now, what’s in the envelope will remain a mystery for a while. Happy 2011 from the US. Though the economy dictates a lot less excessive celebrating (i.e. far fewer pre-award show suites, bursting with interesting beauty products), the show and the party will go on in a few places. Leyla, myself and others on the Lucire team will be there to bring you whatever news is fit to print on the product front and its still-interesting relationship with Hollywood.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

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