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Cheryl Cole Tweets that she and Louis Walsh have settled their differences


April 11, 2012/12.45

Have Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh made up over their recent spat—where Britain’s sweetheart, always good for a headline, accused Walsh of being an inactive manager, and where Walsh subsequently hit back?
   According to the Twitter school of journalism—the skill of reading Tweets and not getting a statement—they have.
   Walsh does not have a Twitter account, but Cole Tweeted that she had called Walsh, and pasted his SMS on to her account. Among his words, according to Cole, with the multiple exclamation marks edited down: ‘Hello Cheryl! Princess of pop and biggest hair in the land! Let’s call a truce to all this stuff in the press and things that happened ten years ago!’ According to Cole, he has invited her on to The X Factor Live show.
   The exposure has given the L’Oréal spokeswoman useful publicity for her upcoming songs.
   ITN also notes that Katie Price’s reality show, Katie, on Sky Living will not be renewed for another season, due to poor ratings, and Sir Derek Jacobi will join Coronation Street.

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