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Jennifer López on stripping in Parker; Prince William and David Beckham commemorate the FA’s 150th


January 17, 2013/10.49

HRH Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and David Beckham—two of our regular headliners—have celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Football Association (the FA), with two recorded messages.
   ‘I’d like to welcome you all to the official launch of the FA’s 150th anniversary celebrations. I’m sorry not to be with you today, but, rest assured, I will be playing my full part in the year’s events,’ says the Prince in his capacity as the president of the Association.
   ‘I consider it a huge honour to lead the FA. It is an organization which reaches every community, bringing the simplest enjoyment to people of all ages and all abilities. It is fitting there will also be a National Football Day in August for all, from the grass roots to the élite level, to celebrate the nation’s favourite game. So much to look forward to for all of us. Enjoy today’s launch and exciting year ahead.’
   Beckham, formerly an England captain, congratulates the FA in his message. ‘When I played in Germany and when I’ve obviously played in America, you realize how big the premiership is and you realize how big and important English football is,’ he says.
   Five England managers and members of the 1966 squad were in the audience celebrating the FA’s 150th anniversary.
   There’s nothing like mentioning Jennifer López stripping to her underwear to grab the headlines: the actress talks about disrobing in front of her co-star, Jason Statham, in their new thriller Parker in our latest celebrity video today. López, 43, mentions her nervousness in working on the scene, while Statham says he had no such issues that day.
   ‘It was incredibly nerve-wracking. My heart was beating out of my chest on the first take,’ she says. ‘Even though you know what you look like, you don’t know what you look like—you know what I mean?’
   ‘I wasn’t nervous at all. I was really excited. It was a great day for me—total opposite,’ says Statham.

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