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The New Year ’14 style: look like you’re not even trying


January 1, 2014/4.28

Today’s look is inspired by our low-key New Year’s Eve night of beaching and barbecuing. It is even more inspired, however, by my good friend, total babe, and style icon, Mimi. I designed this look to look utterly effortless while still looking fabulous, über-chic and glam.
   Maxi-dresses epitomize this lax-glam ideal. Therefore, I began with this incredible but casual maxi by New York-based sustainable label Reformation. Reformation is known for reusing vintage fabrics in new, modern ways, which I love to see, as the future of fashion needs to be sustainable. I will be posting my opinions in a full-length article covering the issues of sustainability in due course. Other than its sustainable value, what I love about this dress is its ease. The casual element of the fabric and length contrasts with the understated but sexy cutout back. I am also digging the tog-like element of the straps which wrap around the shoulder in a circular motion.
   The first pairing with this look was obvious to me, as spending time with Mimi in Nelson always inspires me to make my style more eclectic as well as easy. Her style is a mix of colour, print, piles of jewellery, a long ombre mane of hair and incredible nail art. The top left shot is of her driving last summer, with all her piles of bangles and rings. This is what I would pair with this maxi: every bangle I own, thrown together in an eclectic manner. Be sure to create your own collection of bangles, including a mixture of bold metal, delicate metal, rustic wood and funky colour, for a bohemian statement of beauty. Also, add a ring or two on every finger for a music-festival type: both Mimi and I have ridiculously large ring collections! Be sure to mix designer, hippie-shop, vintage and cheap jewellery pieces as we do.
   I have also paired this look with her peach-toned nails from the photograph. I believe the colour really pops with the grey–navy and off-white of the maxi. Mimi is also rocking square nails at the moment—be sure to give it a try.
   A New Zealand New Year’s Eve cannot be complete without a fab pair of sunnies. For this look I chose some classic Ray-bans in a ’70s-style medium brown. The colour reminds me of the fake-wood décor in ’70s houses (I have been watching way too much of That ’70s Show since I have been in Nelson). The shape is close to Wayfarer but with a thicker frame on top and thin wire underneath, which I think looks super-chic in an “I don’t give a shit” sort of way.
   My last addition: the shoes. They are a bit more of my own personal style, so they have a heel. These heeled sandals are by Aussie label Shakuhachi. They are chic in shape with the addition of snakeskin leather texture—tacky in the best possible way, of course.
   What are people thinking about this more low-key New Year look?—Anna Deans

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