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Hunkemöller releases “ambassadors’ collection”, swimwear designed after social media influencers

NEWS Lisa Anckarman, Nora Olivia and Lynn Quanjel worked with the team at Hunkemöller on a collection driven by their own tastes and preferences
July 1, 2018/3.00

Hunkemöller has released a limited-edition swimwear collection inspired by its own spokesmodels, Lisa Anckarman, Nora Olivia, and Lynn Quanjel.
   The trio are social media influencers with respectable Instagram followings: Anckarman with 66,900; Nora Olivia with 54,400; and Quanjel with 58,700.
   Each was invited to Hunkemöller’s HQ earlier this year to meet with the company’s designers, and these sessions have informed the “ambassadors’ collection”.
   The looks are monochrome, bold and sexy, befitting the younger market to which the women belong.
   The campaign’s photo shoot took place on Silhouette Island, in the Seychelles, in March.
   Earlier Hunkemöller collaborations have been with Doutzen Kroes, Pamela Reif, and Caro Einhoff.
   The collection is now available at

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