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Bulgari takes guests on an Italian escape with new men’s fragrance

The launch of Bulgari Man Wood Neroli was appropriately Italian-themed, writes Lola Cristall
October 5, 2019/8.59

Bulgari has always been known for grandiose fashion statements with their range of glamorous accessories and leather goods. Throughout the brand’s line of fragrances is a concept of extraordinary opulence. Bulgari’s new Man Wood Neroli eau de parfum is a stunning scent, depicting an escape reminiscent of the fresh Italian breeze. With top notes of bergamot and neroli, middle notes of orange blossom and cedar, as well as basenotes of leather, white musk and amber, an enticing whiff of elegance awakens the senses. Creator Alberto Morillas has unveiled a captivating fragrance that is attractive and sophisticated.
   During an intimate gathering, where guests included Daniel Paltridge, North American president of Bulgari, lush greenery, olive trees and intertwining branches adorned the walls and ceilings. The main ingredients were presented to invitees on a table, introducing the principal elements used to make the bold aroma. From awakening the senses of sight and smell, Bulgari chose to arouse one’s sense of taste with an intense neroli chocolate fudge, fully transporting guests into a crisp getaway.
   As Bulgari stays true to bringing Italy to life, Gray Malin, a prominent and talented photographer, lured guests at the event displaying images of surrounding mountains, lavish beaches and nature-filled glamour. Malin has captured these intriguing panoramas of Italy in his stunning book, simply entitled Italy.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

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