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Svenska Hollywoodfruar’s Elena Belle models Panos Emporio spring 2020, featuring Manic Panic wigs

Luxury is what’s in for spring 2020, forecasts Panos Papadopoulos, including incredibly colourful wigs from Manic Panic. Viewers can watch the shoot behind the scenes on Svenska Hollywoodfruar, not without controversy, on TV3 and its online stream
October 13, 2019/0.20

One thing that the partnership between Panos Emporio and Syversen AS has brought is a renewed energy to the swimwear label’s promotions and opportunities.
   In its earlier years, Panos Papadopoulos and Panos Emporio mastered the art of high-profile swimwear models, including controversial ones. In more recent years, it has reached out to social media influencers, helping reduce its customers’ median age, but, as the old adage goes: it’s just not the same.
   But this year, you can see the excitement with Elena Belle, one of the Svenska Hollywoodfruar, a reality series reminiscent of The Real Housewives franchise, but following Swedish women and their American husbands (Britt Ekland having been one of the wives, in seasons 6–7). Belle, who joined in season 10, is the new face of Panos Emporio for its spring–summer 2020 collection. And as hinted in Lucire earlier this year, Panos Papadopoulos himself went behind the lens.
   The 34-year-old model says, ‘I think Panos Emporio’s swimwear feels both luxurious and sensual. They have something for all ages and occasions.’
   Celebrities are familiar territory for Panos, who has worked with Jannike Björling, Traci Bingham, Frank Andersson, Victoria Silvstedt, Elena Paparizou, Josefine Forsberg, José Solano, and Sendi Skopljak.
   ‘I’m really very happy and feel blessed that so many big stars, at the height of their careers, wanted to work with me, like Bingham, Dr Alban, Silvstedt, and others,’ he says.
   ‘Most of them were very easy to work with, and with some of them, it was fantastic, because they wanted to make a great shoot. The bigger the star, the easier it was: they felt comfortable and safe in my hands.
   ‘But you’ll see with Elena in the programme, it was hard to get everything done on time, and maybe she didn’t understand my expectations for the photo shoot.’
   Panos says that Belle focused on very small details in order to present herself well, which took up the time they had for the shoot.
   He also felt that she had to play up for the cameras, as conflict in reality shows drives up the entertainment for certain viewers. ‘I understand her, because it was important to make a good image for TV over the number of photos we shot.’
   The location for the shoot, Weese’s Pieces in Littlerock, Calif. appears in a Panos Emporio advertisement in Lucire issue 40, and is an iconic spot. Papadopoulos said, ‘We chose a location that is luxurious, to match the entire concept of the upcoming collection.’
   The making of the shoot with Belle appears in Svenska Hollywoodfruar on October 15 at 9 p.m., and can be seen on and A draft from Panos Emporio’s collection appears in the episode.
   Panos adds, ‘The thinking behind this photo shoot and concept was to pave the way for new, innovative and creative trends in the fashion industry. We operate in an industry where it is not enough to just design and create for the here and now: we must think about the future and be at the forefront to lead the way for the industry three, five, even ten years from now.’
   He forecasts a revival for wigs, especially as consumers are happy to indulge in greater luxury, the direction he is taking for spring–summer 2020.
   As a result, Panos Emporio teamed up with Manic Panic, which matched its colourful swimwear designs with suitable hair.
   The three natural wigs supplied in the shoot are in line with Manic Panic’s ethos: to create vegan and cruelty-free hair colour, something they have done for over four decades. The brand, which started during the punk era—its founders were part of the original Blondie lineup—has kept at the forefront of consumer trends, adopting its cruelty-free ethos and getting a PETA certification. Fans include Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal, with the company creating Leto’s green hair as the Joker, and Margot Robbie’s blue and pink pigtails as Harley Quinn, in Suicide Squad.
   The Manic Panic wigs in the shoot are bright and even multi-coloured, with great attention to detail to get the colours perfect.
   It was Panos’s idea to create some new trends and ideas, hence the partnership with the hair colour pioneer.
   Panos admits Belle did not like the idea of donning wigs for the shoot. ‘That’s the biggest issue for a creative designer: if we work with a celebrity who has a set idea of her own image, that can make it difficult.’
   Nevertheless, he was thrilled that Manic Panic understood his vision. LA-based hairstylist Briza Bot, a Manic Panic ambassador, did the hair on the shoot.
   ‘Working with Manic Panic was energetic and positive, and I know people like these kinds of photos because they give out happy and great vibrations!’ he says.

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