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Panos Emporio, in partnership with Syversen AS, announces international expansion

Panos Papadopoulos guarantees his brand’s future in a partnership with Norway’s Syversen AS, and stays on as designer and creative director of Panos Emporio
March 25, 2019/22.31

Above: Panos Papadopoulos, founder of Panos Emporio, can now focus on his designs.

Panos Emporio, the leading Scandinavian swimwear label, has announced an aggressive expansion programme, working together with Norway’s Syversen AS, whose international infrastructure will help propel the brand into new markets.
   The news has excited Panos Papadopoulos, Panos Emporio’s founder, who has guided his label over the last 33 years, and will continue to lead the design and innovation at his company.
   Syversen takes a majority stake in Panos Emporio, in one of its biggest investments to date.
   Syversen is a family-owned business with over 80 years’ experience in fashion wholesale, and represents Calvin Klein, DKNY, Ralph Lauren and others in Scandinavia.
   In a statement, Panos said, ‘I have built Panos Emporio from being an unattainable dream to an industry-leading company. Now I sell part of my life’s work to secure its future and continued expansion out into the world. Syversen has an aggressive expansion plan and major plans for the brand. It feels really safe to hand over the company to such competent hands. At the same time, I look forward to freeing up time to continue to lead the work on our award-winning design and surprise with new innovations for swimwear.’
   Exclusively to Lucire, Panos notes, ‘Syversen understands what I’ve tried to achieve with my label. Panos Emporio is about passion, feelings and love, things that connect people. I want to make that even stronger and that demands a lot of time for me. Now I can focus on the ingredients that make Panos Emporio truly special.’
   He believes this is the next stage of his company’s evolution, and the partnership with Syversen secures the company’s international distribution and logistics.
   Syversen AS’s Hans Erik Syversen added, ‘We have had our eyes on Panos Emporio for a long time and now make one of our biggest investments ever. The industry faces major challenges, not least in terms of logistics and distribution and we are therefore very pleased to be able to invest in Panos Emporio, which we have big plans for. Among other things, we plan to expand the product portfolio with more products for men.’
   Panos tells Lucire that Syversen ‘will ensure our customers get even better support than they have come to expect from Panos Emporio.
   ‘They share my values and they know how best to get us into new markets, while supporting our existing ones.
   ‘We’ve touched millions of people over the last several decades, and I have a responsibility to keep them happy. This partnership allows me to do that.
   ‘With Panos Emporio I have built an empire from nothing, experienced international successes and worked with models and stars from all over the world. Now I look forward to being part of a new era for Panos Emporio.’
   Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed but Panos says customers can expect to see the new developments during 2019. Long-time followers of Panos’s and Panos Emporio’s Instagram accounts may have already noticed a new creative energy, and Panos says there is more of this to come.
   Swedish consumers already purchase Kr 150 million (US$16·2 million) worth of products from Panos Emporio each year. Syversen’s annual turnover is Kr 100 million.

Above: One of Panos Emporio’s most memorable designs, the three-in-one Paillot.

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