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SMoss’s Great Again charts the course of the Trump presidency

NEWS Stanley Moss’s limited-edition book showcases the historical artefacts of Donald J. Trump’s years in the White House
Filed by Lucire staff/April 11, 2021/2.08

Lucire travel editor Stanley Moss, writing as SMoss, has put together a limited edition volume documenting the presidency of Donald J. Trump, available in both a hardcover collectors’ edition and a smaller paperback.
   Entitled Great Again, the book begins with a cover showing a worn ‘Make America Great Again’ cap discarded on the pavement. Inside are images from the 45th presidency, including press coverage, artwork, memes and other cultural artefacts from the four-year period.
   The large-format version measures 30 cm square and retails for €102, with the price going up to €120 after April 15. The price includes international shipping. Its smaller counterpart measures 20 cm square, and is available at €51 (€60 after April 15).
   They are privately printed in Italy. Both are individually numbered and hand-signed by the author.
   They are available only by special order through emailing the author at [email protected], and will not be made available on Amazon. There are some videos showing the books and their contents at the official page,

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