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Dyson announces Airstrait hair straightener, using air and no hot plates

Dyson’s latest innovation means no heat damage to hair, plus a speedier process that preserves the hair’s natural shine
May 12, 2023/12.30

Dyson has announced its Airstrait wet-to-dry hair straightener, using air rather than hot plates. It can straighten in either a wet or a dry mode, and a cool mode sets the style.

Two arms on the straightener hold the hair tress. High-pressure air (3·5 kPa) is then forced down into the hair through 1·5 mm apertures in the arms, drying and straightening at the same time.

With air being expelled at 45 degrees from each arm, the two flows converge to become a single jet of air. This provides enough force to straighten while drying.

There’s a small but powerful motor within spinning up to 106,000 rpm, sending 11·9 ℓ/s of air.

Thermistors measure the temperature of the air 30 times per second to prevent heat damage and protect the hair’s natural shine.

The manufacturer claims the process saves time. It also helps maintain volume and movement in straight hair.

Pricing in New Zealand is to be announced. The Airstrait launches in New Zealand next year.

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