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Positive changes for Lucire’s print edition on the horizon

There’s more than a possibility that UK, US and European print customers for our international edition will be served by a UK printer, who will also handle distribution, writes founder and publisher Jack Yan on the eve of Lucire’s 26th birthday
October 12, 2023/10.41

Lucire 47 cover
Lucire issue 47 cover photographed by Taras Taraporvala, retouched by Bruno Magalhaes, make-up by Maniasha, hair by Gabriel Georgiou, styled by Sheefa Gilani, assisted by Astha Kothari, and modelled by Filmfare award winner Andrea Kevichüsa wearing jewellery by Valliyan Jewellery.
We’re re-examining the way we do print-on-demand copies of Lucire, now that we may have located an extra printer who can do them to the quality Vertia does them here in New Zealand.

As many of you know, printed copies of the international edition of Lucire are expensive thanks to postage rates going through the roof over the last decade. Who knew that getting something from New Zealand to the US would cost more than getting it to Europe now?

We’ll be trialling a UK printer for any UK, European and US orders. We’re also streamlining the ordering process, and hopefully turning them around far more quickly from the UK where there’s simply greater economies of scale. COVID and the supply chain had really impacted us in New Zealand. (We’ve noticed that on our end, too, with far fewer imported magazines arriving since COVID. One very noticeable absence is Bauer’s Car from the UK, which I’ve read since 1981.)

We’re also working out our own online shop, now that we have more of the technology brought in-house—something that proved nearly impossible to do when we were hosted on AWS.

It’s quite a tall order, and there’s only so much an independent firm can do, but watch this space.

With luck, the entire ordering process might be done without any human intervention, bringing costs down further.

The bad news is we may be increasing the prices of our digital editions (that is, the digital versions of our print edition)—but we’ll only do so after consulting with our retail partners. It’s our first price rise for these editions—and we’ve been doing them since the mid-2000s—but we do need to cover our costs. We think the first price rise in two decades is not too awful considering others have nudged their prices up far more regularly.

Overall, it means a better deal for consumers as the print editions’ prices will come down dramatically.

Recently we’ve noticed more titles follow our print model, which has been in place since 2012, so it’s nice to see we led the way there, too. We just couldn’t quite manage to do it in the US and UK where so many of our website readers are.

We’ll share more as things fall into place. Thank you once again for your support as we head toward our 26th birthday in the coming week.
Jack Yan is founder and publisher of Lucire.

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