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Viktor & Rolf show online on October 2

October 1, 2008/8.08

We’d never remember if this was announced too far ahead of time.    From a press announcement we received: ‘We are very pleased to announce you that the next 2008 Viktor & Rolf Fashion Show will be a virtual happening! …    ‘The show will take place on on October 2nd 8pm (NZ time)’. […]

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Window Cleaning: lessons in social media

September 25, 2008/13.14

[Cross-posted] Not directly about fashion, but possibly still of interest to those in to blogging and social media, particularly their relevance to modern business. My friend Tim Kitchin (left) has an excellent video series, Window Cleaning, on his company’s website. Tim leads the ?rst video on social communication (a very ?tting introduction), while Johnnie Moore […]

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Ayo filming video in Rio

September 1, 2008/23.44

Another sign of our connected, global planet: New Zealand director Shona McCullagh of the Human Garden Agency directs Parisian artist Ayo in her latest video on location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Images courtesy Human Garden.) You may also like Miss France and Scarlett Johansson among our most popular articles in ’11 An interview with […]

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Lucire heading on to your mobiles with special edition

August 27, 2008/13.44

We alluded to Lucire being on cellphones, Blackberrys, Ipods and similar devices last week when this blog disappeared brie?y due to a technical glitch.    Lucire has been on portable mobile devices for some time, if you count the many cellphones out there that are capable of sur?ng the web. These take the existing website’s […]

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Peace Love Life Uganda T-shirts, as seen in Iraq

August 24, 2008/10.34

We’ve heard from our friend Brad Green at Peace Love Life, which we featured a few months ago. To refresh your memory, Peace Love Life sells T-shirts where proceeds go to a charity in the place they are inspired by. They have also sold 2,000 shirts since they began the venture and there’s a redesigned […]

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GM interns create cars for 2020

August 22, 2008/10.16

From as close as Detroit to as far away as China, 21 students around the world were chosen to design and engineer a hydrogen-powered car for the year 2020 as a part of the Annual Design Internship Program, by General Motors.    Each team of interns had a designer, an engineer, a sculptor, and a […]

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Mumbai, the modern side

August 3, 2008/0.17

I know there is still poverty and hardship in Mumbai, but there is also a richer, modern side that Stanley Moss got to see when he had an extended stay in India. The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, already open, but going fully online in September, shows that the Indians can do luxury city hotels as […]

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And now, presenting the twenty-first century

August 2, 2008/14.39

[Cross-posted] Remember Xanadu? It’s become somewhat of a cult hit even though in 1980 it was considered Olivia Newton-John’s mega-turkey. Stylistically, it sits uncomfortably between the 1970s and 1980s, as though there was a vacuum in between the decades. In one scene, Michael Beck insists to Gene Kelly that ‘It’s the ’80s’, but you know […]

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Keira Knightley need not feel inadequate: she is a good model to follow


Keira Knightley says that she feels inadequate alongside better qualified actors because she didn’t go to university, according to next month’s Tatler. This is despite Miss Knightley, as Forbes revealed, being the second most highly paid actress in Hollywood. But that feeling of needing a little more is a refreshing one among the highest-profile members […]

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The global Zeitgeist

July 31, 2008/9.29

A recurring theme at Lucire is studying the international Zeitgeist. Being a magazine with its roots on the internet, rather than print, we have always looked at trends from a global perspective, rather than individual, local ones. Today: how different are the trends at, say, Hennes & Mauritz and antipodean retailer Max? Once again, we […]

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