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Mumbai, the modern side


August 3, 2008/0.17

I know there is still poverty and hardship in Mumbai, but there is also a richer, modern side that Stanley Moss got to see when he had an extended stay in India. The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, already open, but going fully online in September, shows that the Indians can do luxury city hotels as well as anyone else.
   We already know India is home to top-notch properties like the Manor, which we pro?led last month, but Four Seasons gives a comfortable level of predictability in terms of amenities, while still providing some uniqueness inspired by the area.
   In Mumbai’s case it’s the San-Qi restaurant and a yoga and meditation room.
   The first property ever reviewed by Lucire was a Four Seasons, and I had the privilege of staying at the Regent Bangkok, which was another Four Seasons property, despite the name.
   Cars are always my way of telling how af?uent a place is—or, in some cases, how deep the division between rich and poor is. The Four Seasons Mumbai can chauffeur you in a BMW 7-series limousine, so anyone expecting a ride from the airport in a Hindustan Ambassador will have to head to the taxi rank for that experience. In the car park are newish Hondas and Marutis and the top luxury brands.
   India is busting stereotypes every day as it grows in in?uence and af?uence, all while retaining democratic freedoms. It’s the country I have my eye on as this century unfolds, rather than Red China. I’m trusting that the theory that strong economies help the poor holds up in India.  

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