The global fashion magazine December 3, 2022 

Off-roading Lamborghini style—in a Huracán

November 30, 2022/23.30

  We’ve heard of crossovers—cars that blend off-road characteristics or æsthetics with a driving position that’s not too high, but Lamborghini’s idea of crossing genres is far more special. Take the Huracán Evo V10 super sports and blend it with the accoutrements from the rally world, such as reinforced sills, underbody protection, bigger wheel arches […]

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Panos Papadopoulos interviewed on TV4 about his autobiography

August 20, 2022/23.37

  On August 17, Nyhetsmorgon, the morning show on Swedish network TV4, had an in-depth, eight-minute interview with Panos Papadopoulos about his autobiography, Panos: My Life, My Odyssey. In the interview, he talks about his trip from Greece to Sweden for the first time in the 1970s, and how he was inspired to start his […]

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