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Celebrity fashion and hair looks at the 2024 Met Gala

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit Gala continues to be New York’s party of the year—Chanel and Dyson provided more detail on what appeared at the event
May 7, 2024/3.54

Our first Met Gala was in 2001, when we still noted how the event used to be in December before being moved to April. Back then it was a comparatively subdued affair with a pre-dinner reception, gala dinner, dessert and dance, and we continued attending in person into 2004. That year’s Dangerous Liaisons theme still didn’t get to the exhibitionist heights of the late 2010s and early 2020s, and held, we would argue, greater interest for the fashion-watcher.
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024

Which isn’t to say that the Met Gala isn’t fashion-worthy. Chanel sent through its celebrity list, noting Penélope Cruz wore a custom haute couture bustier evening gown with a tulle and taffeta train, embellished with eight types of French floral laces in black and silver. Riley Keough wore a custom Chanel dress with black silk tulle top embroidered with sequins, inspired by look 31 from its spring–summer 2022 haute couture collection. Michelle Williams wore a strapless organza dress embroidered with sequinned floral motifs and a long tulle coat, look 56 from Chanel spring–summer 2024. Gracie Abrams wore a top in black silk crêpe and daisy plumetis embroidered with crystals with a long petticoated skirt in pink tulle, look 48 from spring 2024. Camila Morrone was in a white organza pleated off-the-shoulder blouse with a navy and black skirt embellished with feathers and beads from the autumn–winter 2021–2 haute couture collection. Sofia Coppola wore a custom black and white long jacket in embroidered sheer tulle with matching skirt, which required 399 hours’ work in their construction; and Tessa Thompson wore a long, strapless black dress in tulle and an overdress in white floral organza panels, look 38 from the spring–summer 2024 haute couture collection.
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024
Met Gala 2024

Dyson, meanwhile, advised us how they helped in getting the looks for Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, Gracie Abrams, Karlie Kloss, Jodie Turner, Stella McCartney, and Harris Reed, with advice from their hairstylists Ursula Stephen, Scott King, Bobby Eliot, Irinel de Leon, Tina Outen, and Pete Burkill.
Zendaya, by Ursula Stephen
Once the hair is shampooed, add the Living Proof Triple Bond Complex.

Blow dry the hair using the Dyson Supersonic r professional hairdryer at high heat and high air flow settings.

Once the hair is dry add Living Proof’s 5-in-1 Styling Treatment.

Gather the hair into a sleek, low bun and secure with a hair tie, twist and pin the hair into a beautiful shape (I channelled a callalily).

Next, fuss up the top layer of hair separating from the rest of the hair.

Using the Dyson Corrale hair styler straightener at low heat settings, curl flyaways to create an angelic finish.

Tease and shape these pieces to suit—hold in place with the Living Proof Flex Hairspray.

Sabrina Carpenter, by Scott King
First I started out with a voluminous blowout using the Dyson Supersonic r professional hairdryer at high heat and high air flow settings using the precision air concentrator attachment.

For Sabrina’s fluffy bangs, we used the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler on high heat and high air flow with the round volumizing brush attachment.

Next, I took small one- to two-inch sections and curled and set the hair using the Dyson Airwrap high heat and high air flow using the 1·2 in barrel to create bouncy curls.
Gracie Abrams, by Bobby Eliot
We started off with freshly washed, damp hair. I sprayed Bumble and Numble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat–UV Protective Primer, all over to create a foundation for the look and allow for easy styling. Next, I layered Surf Spray all over section by section to add some chic texture.

Using the Dyson Supersonic r professional hairdryer at high heat and high air flow settings, I blow-dried the hair, concentrating on maximum root lift, which this specific tool is amazing for. I then used the diffuser attachment and finished off drying the hair to enhance the natural wave.

Next, I applied a pea-sized amount of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat–UV Protective Primer all over for some extra hydration (avoiding the roots).

Using the Dyson Corrale hair styler straightener at low heat settings, I created an undone texture to the look.

Following the Dyson Corrale technique, I used one of my favourite products, the Bb. Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray, section by section to give the hair some gorgeous grit and airy texture to each strand.

Then, I pinned the hair up into a soft and whimsical shape and adjusted each piece to look undone but put together, just as I had envisioned.

Finally, I used Spray de Mode hair spray all over to finish the look so it remains perfect throughout the whole night!
Karlie Kloss
Via Instagram

Karlie Kloss, by Irinel de Leon
We wanted to keep the hair a little more on the simple side because of the intricate detail in the dress. The dress is embellished with Swarovski crystals throughout with flowers draping down the length of the dress; therefore we wanted the hair to feel soft, whimsical yet polished. The low chignon with wispy pieces around the face and ears, add a bit of softness to the look.

The recipe follows.

Prep damp hair with the Living Proof Thickening Blow-Dry Cream for added thickness with a hint of conditioning for natural, long-lasting body and fullness from mid-lengths to ends.

On the roots, prep damp hair using the Living Proof Full Volume & Root-Lifting Spray. Add a few pumps throughout the scalp for all day volume and heat protection.

Begin by sectioning the hair and blow drying using the Dyson Supersonic r professional hairdryer with the Pro Concentrator attachment on high airflow and heat setting.

Once hair is dry, use the Hair Shop 7-piece 18 in clip-in extensions in colours and to clip into the hair in sections; tease small sections where the clips will be placed and spray the teased section with the Living Proof Style Lab Flex Hairspray and attach clip-ins. I like to mix the colours since Karlie has some natural dimension in her hair.

Follow by cutting the Hair Shop extensions to the desired length using a razor or shears. Remove rollers and spray the hair with the Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture spray for a lived-in look.

Create a middle part and rake the hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Follow by creating a chignon and securing with velvet French hair pins. Finish by spraying the hair with the Living Proof Flex Hairspray to finish.
Jodie Turner-Smith, by Ursula Stephen
Ursula started with clean, dry, moulded hair, using the Dyson Supersonic r professional hairdryer on high heat and air flow settings.

She added in some sneaky little pieces of extensions to build a tiny mohawk at the back and cool tendrils around the face. She then razor-cut the hair.

Then, she used the Dyson Corrale hair styler straightener at medium heat settings and curled the hair in different directions.

Lastly, she added a few drops of the Living Proof frizz Smooth Styling Serum.

Using her fingers and the Living Proof Flex Hairspray, she shaped and styled the hair around the face.
Harris Reed, by Pete Burkill
Drawing inspiration from the enchanting beauty of Pre-Raphaelite art, we meticulously crafted a hairstyle embodying a lived-in charm, highlighting Harris Reed’s long, eroded copper locks gracefully cascading down his back. Achieving this mesmerizing look involved sculpting intricate braids and delicate water waves, evoking the romantic allure of the era. To complement this hairstyle, Harris wore a custom piece, taking inspiration from his latest collection, Shadow Dance, where archive wallpaper was revitalised, stripped back to silk, and repurposed on to garments, symbolizing the reawakening of beauty in line with the theme for this year’s Met Gala.

To begin our Met look, I opted for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer using the gentle air attachment to dry Harris’s hair, which was recently fitted with custom 30-inch copper extensions.

As the hair reached the 75 per cent dry mark, I switched to the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler, using the soft smoothing brush and round volumizing brush attachments to finish the drying process and add body to the hair.

Following this, I carefully braided selected sections of hair and set the Dyson Corrale straightener to 185°, gently applying tension over the braids, coaxing out texture and locking it in for longevity with no extreme heat.

After allowing the braids to cool, I carefully unravelled them, revealing the intricate patterns they had formed. With the Dyson Corrale in hand, I then rocked back and forth on the hair, crafting water waves, particularly focusing on framing the face.

To add the finishing touches, I switched to the Coanda smoothing dryer attachment on the Dyson Airwrap to smooth away any flyaways and achieve a refined look, bringing this Renaissance-inspired vision to life.

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