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Dove Real Beauty campaign releases second film challenging feminine beauty norms

NEWS Kylee Howell is the subject of Dove Real Beauty Productions’ latest film, which continues the company’s aim of shifting the power on determining the definition of beauty from Hollywood to real women
Filed by Lucire staff/July 25, 2017/23.33

Dove Real Beauty: meet Kylee by Lucire

Dove Real Beauty Productions and creative director Shonda Rhimes have released a new film, Meet Kylee, challenging traditional ideas of feminine beauty.
   The new film tells the story of Kylee Howell, a barber who grew up in a Utah family where her mother operated a beauty salon out of their home.
   Howell says she initially conformed to societal ideals till she cut her hair short—and realized that she was finally being authentic to herself.
   Since then, Howell has started her own barber shop, where both men and women wanting a barber experience are welcome.
   Rhimes and her female crew made the three-minute film, which tells Howell’s story, and her coming to the realization that beauty need not mean what mainstream society says it means.
   ‘I never saw myself as beautiful, because that was a word I only heard used to describe women who looked more traditional, who followed the “rules”. Until recently, I didn’t know that word applied to someone who looked like me,’ she said.
   ‘Every time you look at your screen and see a woman portrayed just as she is, sharing her humanity, being boldly herself, you are looking at someone beautiful,’ said Rhimes. ‘I thought of this when I met my new friend Kylee Howell. Her beauty shines through in everything she is and everything she does. Which is why I was excited to work with her to bring her story to life in this new film.’
   The campaign aims to shift the ideas of real beauty in media and culture and encourages real women to share their stories. Others can share theirs at

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