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What of the old news page?


September 29, 2007/14.37

Before this blog started, we were collecting feeds from myself, US editor-at-large Summer Rayne Oakes, travel editor Stanley Moss and US correspondent Arabella Marie (pictured at left, in a very Americanized head shot) and putting the headlines and the first few words that followed them on to the Lucire news page.
   That page has almost always been there, since this site started in 1997. Once upon a time, in a pre-Google News era, we put up news that we received through our wires there. It kind of followed a blog format, newest story up top. Eventually, as news became more widely available, we didn’t need to keep our own one up, especially since Lucire has more of a monthly mentality than a daily one.
   But the link was still current and until a few weeks ago, there was no such thing as a Lucire blog. Earlier this year, during the site’s redevelopment, we decided to use it for the blog feeds. Now, it seems superfluous.
   It’s a relatively simple matter to move the old headline feed on to these blog pages, but that still leaves us with a link.
   I don’t want to get rid of it, really, though it is also easy to allow it to forward here. But I also like the Magportal feed that gets relevant fashion headlines from around the web. Magportal’s feeds are human-edited and are more personal than the electronic ones we see based around Google News.
   So, are there any reader suggestions over what to do with that old news page? Maybe find a fashion blogger more up with reviewing MSM headlines and have her or him fill the page up? Be a boring syndicator of a Google News fashion feed? Keep the status quo but rename it? Whatever we do, we should make it interesting and novel. Over to you …

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