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Keira Knightley’s Atonement dress voted best film costume


January 1, 2008/10.12

Keira Knightley in Atonement

Keira Knightley in AtonementIt’s 2008 and two of the three Lucire ‘Insider’ entries are about Keira Knightley. It looks like 2007 was very much Miss Knightley’s year, if all these polls are anything to go by.
   From the Press Association: ‘The emerald green dress worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement has been voted the best film costume of all time.
   ‘The bias-cut, backless silk gown had fashion editors raving when it first appeared on screen last year.
   ‘Knightley’s character, Cecilia Tallis, wore it during a pivotal scene in Joe Wright’s period drama, which is tipped for Oscar nominations.’
   The survey was done for Sky Movies and British InStyle. Following Knightley’s dress were:

white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe, in The Seven Year Itch;
little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s;
skin-tight pants worn by Olivia Newton-John, in Grease;
blue gown worn by Kate Winslet, in Titanic;
tie and waistcoat combination worn by Diane Keaton, in Annie Hall;
satin corset worn by Nicole Kidman, in Moulin Rouge;
stockings and bowler hat worn by Liza Minnelli, in Cabaret;
gown worn by Cate Blanchett, in Elizabeth;
dresses worn by Vivien Leigh, in Gone with the Wind.

   Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies, said, ‘There’s no doubt that Keira Knightley’s dress in Atonement created a massive stir this year, so it will be interesting to see whether it attains this stand-along iconic status in years to come.’
   Our view: probably not. As meritorious as the film is, as well as the original book by Ian McEwan, Atonement hasn’t had the level of promotion some of the others with iconic dresses have had.

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8 thoughts on ‘Keira Knightley’s Atonement dress voted best film costume

  1. Thank you for that, Ben. Now that you mention it, a halter style would have fitted with the era and Miss Knightley’s look, too.

  2. I think she looks absolutely stunning. If I had worn it I would have worn it in a cream colour as I have darker skin. But oh, so stunning on her

  3. not a single man’s costume? what a load of b.s. I know men’s clothes arent as flamboyant as womens ordinarily, but this is the movies!

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