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Katherine Heigl in scrubs


January 24, 2008/11.59

I still think of Katherine Heigl as the girl I should have tried harder to secure a cover with, because she’s now huge in 2008. Prior to that, Katy came into conversation as she was a classmate of a Lucire team member, and I had probably seen Under Siege 2 more times than I should admit on this blog.
   We read with interest that she has a line of scrubs out, which might fit with her role on Grey’s Anatomy more than the fashion icon that she has become this year. According to the release we got from a Katherine Heigl licensee:

Like the film and television star herself, the scrubs are bright, bold and beautiful, a perfect fit for nurses who are not afraid of making a statement. Inspired by the hot summers of Miami, Monterey, Nantucket and New York—the collection ranges from soft and elegant to bold and sophisticated, incorporating a level of details that has never been brought to scrub wear before. Produced by Dallas-based Peaches Uniforms, each line is approved by Heigl, who was the inspiration for the line’s combination of high-end fashion with down-to earth practicality.

   Nurses deserve great fashion, too, but this does smack a tad of commercialism. Still, without Heigl, there would be fewer people knowing about these designs, and something contemporary might just be, well, what the doctor ordered. I just think of Katherine more with images of glamorous gowns, brand-wise.

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