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Adam & Eve, March–April ’08

March 22, 2008/22.40

We’ve cooperated on a few pages with Adam & Eve. Raquel Olivo, who has a shoot that appears in Lucire no. 26, provided us with a stunning one shot in Malibu, Calif. For whatever reason we didn’t run this one—probably because it didn’t ?t with our themes—but with Raquel’s permission we found a way to get it published with a publishing house that I have a very good relationship with. It looks stunning and appears in the March–April 2008 issue of Adam & Eve. I was chuffed to see an acknowledgement to Laura Ming-Wong, our editor, and me! We look forward to doing more.

Adam & Eve cover 1

Adam & Eve cover 2

Adam & Eve Raquel Olivo shoot lead spread

Adam & Eve Raquel Olivo shoot credits

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