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If there is a trend toward illustration in fashion publishing, I shall be interested to see how it develops. […]

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March 22, 2008/4.10

I have spotted a rise in the use of illustration in recent months—Lucire commissioned some for issue 25 and I understand there is an entire editorial in issue 26 that has been illustrated, by Steph Prowse.
   Our latest online story on the use of Marimekko prints for an H&M range for April is illustrated by Nyköping-born, Dallas-trained illustrator Lisolette Watkins.
   When done well, I believe illustration has a place in fashion publishing. I was very impressed by Kelly Thompson’s work, which I covered a few months ago when she had an exhibition opening. In addition to being a skilful illustrator, Kelly was the ?rst New Zealander to photograph a retail Lucire cover.
   If there is a trend toward illustration, I shall be interested to see how it develops, particularly with the reliance these days on digital drawing tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

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