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The three-pointed star goes Avantgarde


March 21, 2008/9.47

The Mercedes-Benz C200K Avantgarde gets the Lucire road test treatment—rather than analysing horsepower and acceleration, we weigh up the style quotient. It passes—if you are looking for a car that expresses Germanic rationality with something special. It’s got a ?ght on its hands this year, with a revised BMW 3-series and a new Audi A4, though it seems to have the Jaguar X-type licked. We seem to be in an age where the straighter edges of the German cars are considered more modern than the curves of the Jaguar—it’s the 1970s all over again.
   The road test appears in issue 25 of Lucire in print, but also online as from today, including links to our sister site Autocade, currently in beta.

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