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George Clooney fashion line release an early April Fool gag?


March 25, 2008/1.59

And it’s a hoax—as one reader, who sadly did not leave his or her name in the comments, suspected. George Clooney’s management has said that an email doing the rounds among the fashion media—we and Women’s Wear Daily at least received it—saying that the actor was launching a clothing line is a fake.
   ‘I have no connection whatsoever with any clothing line bearing my name, and more speci?cally GC Exclusive by George Clooney,’ the statement by Mr Clooney read.
   It was an interesting email to have received, nonetheless—and it will be very interesting to see if anything takes place at the Westin on the promised date.
   As to the site looking like a fake: we’ve seen far worse among legitimate licensees.
   Well, this blog is meant to show you the behind-the-scenes stuff, for better or for worse—now you know what we get!

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2 thoughts on ‘George Clooney fashion line release an early April Fool gag?

  1. Too bad, he’s highly marketable and I bet the line would do well if he ever decided to make a go of it.

  2. I know, Mari. It makes total sense and I do not think it incompatible with his public image or his social responsibility initiatives, provided the label can be run transparently and ethically. He could make a statement there, too.

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