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Femi Emiola interviewed on Ladybrille


July 30, 2008/12.20

Femi Emiola in Toyota Camry campaign—copyright ©2008 Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.
I am catching up on emails today after yet another cold—it has been a bad winter for ’?us here. For those expecting regular updates during the latter half of July, I’m sorry that it has been a tad quiet here—quite a few of us have had to take time out. Even in California, where it’s summer.
   Last month, we mentioned an advertising campaign for the Toyota Camry being run here on Lucire, entitled If Looks Could Kill
   Who would have thought that among my emails was an introduction from Uduak Oduok of Ladybrille, who has written for Lucire in 2006, to the actress who starred in the campaign, Femi Emiola.
   Uduak’s interview with Femi can be found on her site.
   Femi Emiola is a true citoyenne du monde: Iowa-born, she has spent many years growing up in different parts of the world, including the Philippines and Nigeria. These days, she’s in Los Angeles. Uduak calls her ‘Hollywood’s next breakout star’—we think that’s a very fair description. Her starring role in the Toyota commercials was a strong one, showing her excellent acting capabilities.

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