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A reminder about the “Model Mayhem scam”

Filed by Lucire staff/January 12, 2009/4.12

Repeating a post made in August 2008: please be on alert, at sites such as, for anyone claiming to be from Lucire based at 32 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London. There is no Lucire office there. We do not send emails from Rocketmail [and we would never have an address in the format of luciremagazine**]. We do not have team members called Bruce Williams, Jack Henry or Jeff Daniels [or C. Ellsworth or Gregory Williams—two new aliases that came to light in April 2009—Ed]. And if we are paying you, the amount will certainly not be coming from companies in Duluth, Ga., or Orangeburg, NY.
   We have alerted the authorities, although the British High Commission has refused to get involved since we cannot prove that these have come from British subjects. There is an indication that Nigerians are behind it. FHM and Glamour have also been targeted by the scammers.
   Please note that we do not believe that these messages to have come from we realize these have been put there by others. We also hear that other sites have been targeted, though to date the ones mentioning Lucire have been, to our knowledge, only at Model Mayhem.
   If you have the sender’s email, report it to their abuse department. We would even recommend you raise it with the FBI as we understand it is a Nigerian 419 scam. If you have the scam email with the headers, please send it over to us and we would be happy to file a complaint as well.

PS.: The latest version of this now says Donna Karan and DKNY instead of Lucire. Thanks to Lucy for spotting this in June 2010.

P.PS.: We have been told by another reader (in September 2010) that another address being cited is Unit 1, Tylers Business Park, Lewes Road, Blackboys, Uckfield TN22 5LF, England, with a fake telephone number of ‘44 702-402-1661’ (not that many in the UK would actually separate the numbers that way). There is a legitimate business at that address that has nothing to do with the scam, but beware of messages along the same lines. They aren’t actually originating from that address.

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