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Lucire’s A to Z week: from Alexandra Owen to Zum Wohl


August 30, 2009/11.47

Alexandra Owen
Above: From the Alexandra Owen dinner on August 24.

Alexandra OwenThe social week was a fairly full-on one. Wellington, New Zealand-based designer Alexandra Owen held a dinner on Monday night, in part to raise extra funds for her New York Fashion Week début for the fall 2010 season. Held at Hippopotamus inside the Museum Hotel, she showed her spring–summer 2009–10 collection, to an audience that included Mayor Kerry Prendergast (left, pictured with Owen).
   Fast forward two days, and Desire had a cocktail evening to thank its supporters, and it was a no-brainer that we would attend, especially since the invitation promised wine from Schubert of Martinborough, and jazz music from duo Scarlet.

Above: Lucire beauty editor Seka Ojdrović, former Miss Wanganui Michelle Kleinsmith, and publisher Jack Yan. (Photograph by Bronwyn Williams.)

Zum Wohl   And to round off the week, Zum Wohl, a new brand of Schnaps with a distinct German style (smoother than what one would expect from the American-style schnapps) launched at Suite Gallery on Newtown’s Owen Street last night. Co-director Ulf Führer (his real name) mentioned that Zum Wohl was already in over two dozen bars around the country, and looks forward to more as the brand is launched around the country in the weeks to come.

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