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New Zealand’s Zumwohl Schnaps scores double win at World Spirits Competition


April 6, 2011/3.16

Zumwohl, the Wellington, New Zealand-based Schnaps brand, has won a Gold Medal for its Natural Schnapps and a Silver Medal for its Plum Schnapps at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.
   With 1,106 entries from 61 countries, the New Zealand brand stood tall at what is considered the world’s most reputable spirits competition.
   Zumwohl, whose launch was covered in Lucire in August 2009, has overcome a number of obstacles to arrive at these wins, including an early setback where much of its stock was stolen.
   We remarked that the product is smoother than the American variety of Schnaps, and is closer to the original German style.
   Founder Ulf Führer had teamed up with Anthony Green, a New Zealand spirit industry veteran, to create Zumwohl.
   Green said he had ‘taken the very best from traditional Schnaps-making methods and improved these by using the best processes, natural ingredients and flavours that New Zealand has to offer.’
   Among the New Zealand flavours is a feijoa version.
   Führer adds, ‘It is definitely not a sweet and syruppy drink, a common misconception people have.’
   Zumwohl is fully New Zealand-owned and bottled locally. It is available nationwide at Liquor King and the Mill, and quality bars around New Zealand.

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