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Twilight’s Christian Serrato appears nude in PETA’s latest campaign


November 13, 2009/0.23

Christian Serrato for PETA

Christian Serratos’s new poster for PETA, one of the long-running ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ series, is well timed to promote the new movie, Twilight: New Moon.
   The youngest actress to have appeared in one of the advertisements—Serrato is 19—her poster has imagery intended to remind audiences of the vampire flick, right down to the typeface.
   Lucire has covered numerous PETA campaigns in the past, though none to date have tied in to any particular movie, even when endorsed by an actress.
   Serrato, born Christian Bernardi, plays Angela Weber in the popular Twilight series. She had already publicly stated she is a vegetarian.

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  3. Fur should have gone by the wayside a long time ago. And North America should turn its back on Chinese imports of any sort until they stop being human rights abusers and abandon their widespread cruelty against animals. It’s despicable.

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