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French lingerie: labels worth the hunt


October 14, 2010/13.25


French label Peau-Éthique has introduced an organic lingerie line with a 1960s’ inspiration. Pop art and dots make a pointed statement about the decade that influences modern style the most; while finishing features laces, braids and satin knots. Black and fuchsia are the dominant colours, with electric purple dots as a complement. Panties, boxers, underwire and unwire bras, thongs, camisoles and nighties are part of a range that is made from organically grown cotton and Fair Trade-certified.
   Panties and thongs retail at €16, the boxers at €17·30, the camisole at €23·80 and the bras at €31·30.

Les Jupons de Tess
Les Jupons de Tess
Les Jupons de Tess
Les Jupons de Tess

Not far from where our publisher stays in Paris is a young label called Les Jupons de Tess. Its autumn–winter 2010–11 range was shown to us in February, but thanks to a hard drive failure, our story was nixed. By the time that computer was fixed, things had moved on and we had other stories to cover.
   It’s taken us a while to find another opportunity to give this label some exposure, and while it’s not Fair Trade and organic such as Peau-Éthique, it does wow on sheer beauty and finishing.
   Les Jupons de Tess is retro as well, but it goes back further than the 1960s. The label heads back to the eighteenth century for its inspiration each season, with frills and ribbons the order of the day.
   The company says the eighteenth century is ‘an era characterized by the art de la toilette and female coquetterie.’ The result: a glamorous range of corsetry and lingerie, with fitted corsets, silks, sheer cotton, chiffon and Leavers lace. There is an admitted English influence.

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